Does your current pension scheme offer Value for Members?

New legislation may mean you need to take action.

Your scheme falls under the new Value for Members rules if:

Assets under £100 million

Scheme assets are
under £100 million

Assets under £100 million

The scheme has been in
operation for three+ years.

If this applies to your scheme

If you are involved in the running of a pension scheme that meets the above criteria, you’ll need to carry out a detailed assessment of how the scheme delivers Value for Members.

The assessment

The assessment includes a comparison of key aspects of your existing pension scheme against three other similar schemes to ensure that you continually deliver the best outcomes possible for your Members.

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If you are looking for a scheme to compare or are making the decision to wind up or consolidate, you might want to consider Crystal.

Crystal is Evolve’s defined contribution Master Trust with exceptional governance, administration, high performing investments, and has been subject to hefty regulation for several years.

Key to our success is our highly-skilled teams' dedication to delivering the best value for Members across all aspects of the scheme, ensuring that it is run as efficiently as possible, and charges are kept low.